Completed Series > Pulp

For my senior portfolio I created a unique art style all my own that showcases my digital art prowess with a western pop aesthetic. My family name is what initially inspired me to create this body of work in the vein of a western. My father, who spent the majority of his adolescence in Texas, is of Cherokee origin. I looked to connect both escapism with reality and emotions. I envisioned depictions of my own highly saturated view of what the West “was.” Within these pieces I hope to bring out a sense of tension, anxiety, with a twinge of hope and sadness. Overall this portfolio is not only a testament to my own artistic abilities, but also collectively a showcase of mental health struggles through my own distorted western lens.

Throughout these pieces one can infer my love for using fluid, organic lines while also implementing bright and affective colors that are inspired by the Pop Art aesthetics that have since been popularized by the likes of Keith Haring and Daniel Benayan.